May 13, 2022

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Retaining Wall with Circular Patio to Enhance the Beauty

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Circular Patio

No matter if the size and shape of garden is circular or curved, the retaining wall and patio are difficult to build. But it is not to complicated as the people think. The free-floating patio, which is circular in shape, is specially designed for fitting almost in every area. The wall is generally made of concrete blocks. You do not need to cut or measure a single block. The step-by-step process is here. Today we will discuss the best way to build retaining wall with circular patio.

Design the space and estimating the material

You can easily use the garden hoses for representing the wall and patio. They can move around until the size and shape is in a stable position. The marking paint can be used to create the outlines. The highest and lowest point of the wall should begin to pound to manage the quantity of wall block. Firstly, the measuring is important for proper design in a lower hilly area.  To get the approximate height of the wall, the full block should be rounded.  For the patio pavers you can easily provide the supplier with a specific diameter.  So that they can put a package containing exact quantity of each shape for the stones.

Suitable steps for building the retain wall and circular patio

Placing the spikes

Spikes should be used to mark the center of the wall and patio. You can use the spray paint for footprints. Digging can be vital for determining the center for gravel, pavers, and sand. Try to measure the depth carefully. Because the sloping hill is difficult to use as the lawn.  Some more digging of soil can be difficult. Adding soil will be needed if you are about to blend, he elevations. The bottom can be slightly sloping and flat. Try to compact the lose soil. If you are unable to do it, the patio can end up with the dip.

Prepare the flat area

Dig the ill and prepare a flat area. It is second step. For the retain wall and patio flat area is needed. You can use the point 3 ft. from the lowest edge of patios as the reference point. In this case the skid steer can help the owner of the area. It will also help to remove the bulk materials as well as the flatten the area.

Checking the patio area by a level

You should check the patio area by using a proper size level. It can have the slight slope which is away from the retaining wall and level the sides efficiently. A plate compactor should be used for compacting the soil you have already loosen or added.

Drain the tile behind bottom row of block

It is a vital step, and you should drain the tile behind bottom row of the blocks. Try to fill the place and layers. Using extra base materials will be harmful and create some prevention of extra draining. The gravel will continue to drain well. Placing some landscape fabric will be helpful. The compact gravel will give a better result.  It will surely give a clean and nice surface while constructing wall.


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